Trend Reports

REVOLT is in field with consumers on an ongoing basis, turning data into insights bi-monthly in our Field Notes trend report. Each issue includes a sit down with someone fascinating for an expert interview, and draws insights from what’s trending in pop culture and our research. Every issue of Field Notes focuses on a different topic or theme, and the purpose of the report is to promote consumer curiosity and best practices for marketers and media professionals looking to engage teens and 20-somethings.

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vol_1: The MultillennialZ

We unpack the rise of MultillennialZ: the tail end of Millennials and tip of Gen Z, two young generations impacting the business of media as we know it.

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vol_2: The Engagement Report 

We asked Gen Z if they would rather have a lot of followers on social media or get a lot of likes/comments when they post something. They overwhelmingly said they would rather have an audience that is dialed in and engaged, versus simply having a large follow count. If Gen Z is a window into the future of media and marketing, the future is about much more than reach, it is about engagement.

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vol_3: Hip Hop Fandom

Populations in the U.S. are changing, and yesterday’s understanding of mass versus niche market is nearly obsolete – especially when it comes to Gen Z. In 19 of the 25 biggest U.S. counties by population, whites make up less than half of the population. Music is the ultimate reflection of what’s resonating throughout culture. Streaming data has shown Hip Hop to be the most popular genre of music around the world. Hip Hop is the way-in to relevance with Gen Z. If rebellion and Grunge defined the zeitgeist of the 90’s, Hip Hop is that same reflection of who Millennials and Gen Z are: a product of diversity.

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vol_4: The Virtually Real Report

The Virtually Real Report dives deep into a wave of research around the Millennial consumer’s usage, behaviors, and aspiration specific to the booming industry of Virtual Reality. We spoke with this 23-29 sweet spot of the digitally native Millennial audience, who based on their lifestage is a most likely consumer for the space also because they have disposable income.

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