Expert Interview: Delilah Dee discusses how promoting positive content cultivates #OccupyingYourMindset


REVOLT TV’s New Rules interviewed North Philly’s Delilah Dee, Founder of Delilah & Company, about how the company pushes positive messages from influencers to the public for young audiences. REVOLT TV’s Trend Report reveals that the culture is switched on by content that reminds of possibility. Delilah Dee has used her platform to cover events such as The Nickelodeon HALO Awards, Duffy’s Hope Celebrity Basketball Game, UrbanWorld Film Festival, Hispanic Choice Awards, Philadelphia’s “Kevin Hart Day,” and the Annual Stop the Violence Festival. Using the hashtag #OccupyingYourMindset, Delilah & Company uses the power of digital media platforms to promote positive messages, thus the company serves as an outlet to promote a better community as it relates to positive thinking.

Delilah Dee, Founder, Delilah & Company
Delilah Dee, Founder, Delilah & Company

What about the Delilah & Company brand resonates with young consumers?

We are living through times now where people believe in the abilities they have within themselves to create their own paths in lives. You know, it’s no longer go to high-school, go to college, get a nice corporate job, get married, have a family, then work until you die. While that may be an ideal lifestyle for some, and that’s okay, millennials and Gen Z have created a different way of thinking. Through the main goal of Delilah & Company, which is to push positive messages from influencers to the public, we utilize our resources to have our audience understand that they can do anything they set their minds to. Through the content we produce and the events we put on, ultimately we want our viewers to know that it doesn’t matter where you start off in life, you and only you have complete control of where you end up.

How does Delilah & Company reach and engage Millennials & Gen Z?

Well we are a digital content & events agency. We rely heavily through our social media presence to get our messages across. I already know I have quite a reach with my millennial followers since I am one myself. However, it is especially vital for me to continue to have Gen Z representatives on my team in order to keep our ideas and content fresh.

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Delilah & Company uses the hashtag #OccupyingYourMindset. Why was that hashtag chosen and how has it resonated with young people today?

Well around 2011, the infamous #OccupyWallStreet was going on. I was a student at Penn State at this time and I just remember being fascinated and inspired by the global impact this protest had. A year later is when I started toying with the idea of creating my own platform and I knew I needed something that will help brand Delilah & Company. I remember I was sitting having a conversation with a friend of mine of what I wanted to do with my brand. I told her I wanted to create a platform to help people realize their capabilities in doing anything they set their minds to. At the time, it was something that I, myself was struggling with and I knew I wasn’t alone. It’s kind of weird how it happened, I remember looking at the television and it happened to mention the protest again a year later. I saw Occupy Wall Street on the television and that’s when I thought, “OMG, occupying your mindset!” haha it’s kind of like it was destined. While they stood together in the fight for economic inequality, I wanted to create a global impact on perspective inequality. This hashtag was chosen to specifically target those who self-sabotage themselves because they were never taught to believe in themselves and their capabilities to achieve great success in their lives. I wanted to create a platform that serves as a mentor for those that may need help in understanding the power they have once they take control of their minds. Thus, our hashtag #OccupyingYourMindset was born.

What has been your biggest learning experience with marketing a brand for today’s young consumers?

I’ve definitely learned the importance when it comes to storytelling. Brands need to not be afraid to get personal in order to make their product more relatable to their consumers. People feel pride when they can say they support a brand they are able to associate themselves with and more than likely are willing to share with their followers. Instead of coming up with scripts and paying actors, do a search for real people that have real stories who fit well with your brand. Thus, watch the genuine user engagement rise.


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